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Book name Reading status Stars
How to Work a Room Up next
Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution Up next
The Design of Design Up next
Secrets of Mental Math Up next
The Art of the Start Up next
Presentation Zen Up next
Built to Last Cover to cover 5
Code Complete Cover to cover 5
Conceptual Blockbusting Cover to cover 5
Crush It Cover to cover 5
Egonomics Cover to cover 5
Founders at Work Cover to cover 5
Made to Stick Cover to cover 5
Masters Of Doom Cover to cover 5
Peopleware Cover to cover 5
Programming Pearls Cover to cover 5
Reality Check Cover to cover 5
Switch: How to Change Things when Change is Hard Cover to cover 5
The Elements of Style Cover to cover 5
The Mythical Man-Month Cover to cover 5
The Pragmatic Programmer Cover to cover 5
Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies Cover to cover 4
Coders at Work Cover to cover 4
Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering Cover to cover 4
Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? Cover to cover 4
Mavericks at Work Cover to cover 4
Programming in Lua Cover to cover 4
Rapid Development Cover to cover 4
Refactoring Cover to cover 4
Rework Cover to cover 4
The Algorithm Design Manual Cover to cover 4
The Career Programmer Cover to cover 4
Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques Cover to cover 3
Design Patters Cover to cover 3
Extreme Programming Cover to cover 3
Pragmatic Project Automation Cover to cover 3
Test-Driven Development Cover to cover 3
Programming Challenges Cover to cover 2
Programming Languages: Concepts and Constructs Cover to cover 2
Security Engineering Cover to cover 2
Understanding Virtual Reality Cover to cover 2
Agile Web Development with Rails Half
Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach Half
Cracking Creativity Half
Dive Into Python Half
Effective C++ Second Edition Half
Graphics Programming in C Half
How to Solve It Half
Introduction to Algorithms Half
iPhone SDK Development Half
Large-Scale C++ Software Design Half
Mastering Regular Expressions Half
Practical Common Lisp Half
Practices of an Agile Developer Half
Programming Clojure Half
Programming Ruby Half
Software Creativity 2.0 Half
The C++ Programming Language Half
A Practical Guide to Testing OO Software Skimmed
Ajax in Action Skimmed
Applying UML and Patterns Skimmed
Code Complete 2 Skimmed
Concrete Mathematics Skimmed
Effective Java Skimmed
Game Programming Gems Skimmed
GEB: an Eternal Golden Braid Skimmed
Hacker’s Delight Skimmed
Javascript The Definitive Guide Skimmed
Objective-C: Pocket Reference Skimmed
OpenGL Programming Guide Skimmed
Pragmatic Unit Testing Skimmed
Programming Erlang Skimmed
Programming in Objective-C 2.0 Skimmed
Real-time 3D Animation Skimmed
Real-time Rendering Skimmed
Starting an iPhone Application Business for Dummies Skimmed
Test Driven Skimmed
The Haskell Road to Logic Skimmed
The Java Programming Language Skimmed
The Ruby Way Skimmed
Thinkertoys Skimmed
UML Distilled Skimmed
Unit Testing in Java Skimmed
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  1. If you have good suggestions for books I should get, feel free to comment

  2. Nurmurad says:

    Hello Mr Tuomas. I’ve read some of your post and found quite interesting. I have a question (thoug I searched on the net and couldnt found any reasonable answer ).

    Q) Office has a visual basic language. Can Lua be used for office in that manner.
    Q) Is there any open source “EXCELL (office)” that Lua could be ported to

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