Articles from February 2011

20 Signs of a Bad Software Company for a Programmer

If you see more than a few of these things happening at your company, it is probably not the greatest place for a programmer to work for.

1. Everyone codes on Windows

2. No-one uses Emacs or Vim

3. Managers don’t understand why someone needs a big monitor

4. Hardware is outdated

5. If looking at code makes you want to vomit

6. You are paid for your presence not for your productivity

7. Multiple manual steps are required to build the software

8. Agile zealots roam freely

9. Company does not provide good benefits, because they actually cost money for the company

10. Innovation is almost impossible because of rigorous processes

11. The office is empty after 5 p.m.

12. People complain, if you play video games during the day, but not if you smoke cigarettes

13. Every team has to reinvent the wheel, because sharing code inside the company is very difficult

14. Estimates are not treated as estimates

15. Multiple meetings every week

16. Every class has a one or more patterns in its name

17. CEO has never programmed

18. You don’t have to write any code in the job interview

19. Using one tool for everything

20. Not realizing that people are the most important resource for the company

How many are true at your company?

0: You are one of the lucky ones
1-3: Not bad, you could be doing a lot worse
4-6: As long as they pay you enough, you can take it
7-9: Maybe you should start updating your resume
10-12: Life is too short to work there
13-16: You want scream your lungs out
17-20: Run and don’t look back!

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