Master of Speed

Test your quickness and memory skills with this awesome game.

In speed mode you need to keep up with the flashing buttons as they flash faster and faster.

In memory mode you need to remember the sequence the buttons flashed. As the game goes on you need to remember longer and longer sequences.

This game is a modified and improved version of the classic game that was featured in Finnish TV show, Speden Spelit.

Price: 0.79€/$0.99

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  1. Vesa Suontama says:

    I need to get that app installed to some co workers iphones, as I used to kick ass in the original game!

    I wonder did you program in all the nuances of the original game? (Like the sound, and the “hold” functionality that stops the action until you release the press, etc..)

    There is a “Speed Master” in my basement, but it needs fixing and might be beyond repair. Let me know if you need pictures of the it to make the Master of Speed more desirable for the old farts who enjoyed the “arcade” version.

  2. Unfortunately, my game does not have all the nuances of the original game. You should checkout a game called Speedtester, which is more true to the original game.

  3. Margaretta says:

    ETIQKC Great thniikng! That really breaks the mold!

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