Dieting is not rocket science

Seriously. It is not that difficult. You eat less and exercise more. Let me say it again: You eat less and exercise more. That is it. No need for fancy and expensive methods. You do not need a personal trainer to lose weight. You do not need to understand everything about nutrition to lose weight. It might help, but is not required.

There is huge amounts of money in dieting. A lot of Top 50 books at are about losing weight. All the home exercise machine infomercials fool people paying a lot of money for stuff that is not actually needed.

You do not need to know how much calories are in the food you eat. If you are putting on weight, you know that you eat too many calories. If you are losing weight, you consume more that you eat. Common sense also helps a lot. If the food is covered with fat, it probably contains a lot of calories. Buy a scale and eat same type of food the same amount every day for a week. You should know after the week, if you are eating too much.

However, people might know what they need to do to lose weight, but they are incapable of doing that and they try to find easier ways of losing weight without the hard work.

It is all about mental toughness. If you want to lose weight and decide to lose weight, just do it. After Christmas I decided that I will lose weight, because of all the chocolate, Christmas food, hamburgers, etc. January 1st I weighed 85 kg, two months later I weighed 79 kg.

All I did to lose weight was stop eating chocolate, French fries and dinner at Mickey D. I still eat four times a day, including a lot protein on every meal so that my muscles do not completely vaporise. I also do 20 minutes on the treadmill when I am at the gym. That’s it. No fancy tricks, no books, no personal trainers, no pills, nothing special. I even eat pizza for lunch once a week.

However, first part of losing the weight is dieting and the second part is keeping your weight down. If you go back to your old habits of putting on weight, the benefits of the diet will disappear pretty soon. To make the weight loss permanent, you should change something in your life for good. For example, switch to diet Coke, stop eating candy, or anything that will make you eat less calories or consume more.

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